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Gain access and control your appliances from anywhere in the world through your mobile with Persite Technologies, the leading Automation Service providers. Get the most out of house automation and office automation services including thermostats and sprinkler systems, lights, appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems.

About us

We turn ideas into works of art

Persite Technologies tend to limit the all-day jarring and boring functions of the house and replace this by introducing new, modern and innovative technology in your walls that’ll make your home worth living. To say that automated houses have some enjoyment to them is an understatement.

We also provide all of the automation services for offices as well. Office automation is important and this helps provide a more friendly and cheering environment to the employees so that they work with all their potential.

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  • Beautiful Interior Automation

Our procces

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Let Your Home Be UniqueStylish.

We work in close cooperation with our clients and listen attentively to what their scopes are regarding automation of their place. Our way of execution is simple but effective with 3 basic steps.


Client Needs

Understanding how and what the client requires


Planning Design

Designing and planning according to suitable manner


Architect Sketch

A final model that ensures everything is in place before application.


Our Client say.

The mission is to bring smiles to our clients and let them feel the innovation.


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Shaping The Future.

Technology is evolving. Let us harness it and apply it to your surroundings. Try Persite Technology and experience the innovation.

Our services

We are innovative


Install smart devices and control them separately yet remotely from your phone.


Utilize the best automation services Persite Technologies has to offer for your office.

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